About Nisi

Hi! My name is Nisi Ségor. Some people call me Nisi, some call me Aunt Nisi, and some really cute kids call me Gramma Nisi. Of course, big people sometimes call me Denise, but I am really Nisi at heart 🙂

At my core I am a listener, writer and teacher, committed to inclusion and acceptance work, seeking ways to mindfully and compassionately navigate the differences between us that cause conflict and suffering. My PhD is in human and organizational systems–my sister calls it a degree in cultural diversity 🙂 My dissertation research focused on telling the stories of village women in NE India – stories of survival, strength and transformation through war and forced village groupings.

My passion lies in helping real people solve real problems affecting them NOW—whether at home, at work, in community or neighborhood groups, within religious communities, or across our currently divided political spectrum. I love to practice, teach and share tools and practices that show us how to deepen relationships with our own selves and with those around us; and that help us cultivate greater peace and happiness in our lives, even through challenging, disturbing times.

This is the hard work we do, no doubt, but it is work that I believe can change the world!

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