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Please note: I actively seek incoming links for my website. Incoming links help my site to perform better on the search engines. If you have a legitimate, active website, please consider including a link from your site to mine. If you like, I can send you code you can plug directly into the HTML section of your site wherever you want to put the link. If you want to create the link to me in your own editor, here is the address and the anchor text I prefer:

Business Name: Nisi Ségor, PhD
Anchor Text: Portland personal life executive mindfulness coaching

If you send me your information, I am happy to include a link back to you. Please send me the link to your site, along with the anchor text you would like for the link. The anchor text is the words you want me to use to form the link. Please send this information to me in the comment section below.

A great resource for creating your own incoming link code, can be found at:

Thank you very much!

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