Phoenix Rising Listening Projects℠

The Phoenix Rising Listening Projects incorporate my passion for navigating differences and my conviction that authentic listening, an open mind and purposeful dialogue are powerful tools for transformation and change.

I employ a variety of tools to help explore ways in which we are similar to and different from each other.  The better we are able to understand ourselves in relationship to others, the better we are able to take into account individual differences and the issues that can arise when those differences go unrecognized. This is effective not only for groups of people made up of different backgrounds, but also for groups that share many of the same values, beliefs, customs, and behaviors, since there can be great differences among us—regardless of a shared background. This can help folks develop understanding and find common ground on which to build effective relationships. It increases our capacity to listen to and dialogue authentically with each other, and helps us create more satisfying and effective experiences of living and working together.

The tools are simple, but effective, and can be put into practice by anyone.

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