The Power of Presence

“Presence” is a particular quality of being with ourselves and others in this very moment. Attentive. Listening. Open to the surprise of what we have not yet created as “true” in our minds. Life is a miracle. Mysterious. Never fully knowable. And so are people and situations. Can I arrive fresh in this moment, open to another person’s insights and experiences? Can I be open to the changing face of “truth”? Can I find truth in life, observing life in and around me–always ready to learn?

Jill Mellick (Coming Home to Myself) beautifully expresses this quality of Presence through her writings about Sophia, the archetypal embodiment of feminine wisdom that transcends the female/male dichotomy and is rooted in our heart:

Her wisdom is rooted in experience, in compassion. She thinks with her heart and is more concerned with the processes than with the products of a life lived fully. She does not value the presence of power but the power of presence. We all carry Sophia in our hearts and when we connect to our feminine wisdom, we embody her in all her magnificence.

If you are interested in how you can bring such presence more fully into your own life and/or work, I would love to hear from you. Are you ready to unleash the Power of Your Presence??? It is simple. And we can start RIGHT NOW 🙂

This day, how beautiful!


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